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I´ve got to say that it´s just as nice to bring out my crochet gingerbread house every year. I actually designed it 8 years ago, and it still appears as new. It´s even calorie free. Can´t complain about that.

I originally designed it for a Christmas book, called “Epla´s Jul”, and it was published in 2011. I had a week and a half to get it finished, so I basically crocheted every hour of the day. Transcribing takes some time as well, so I was really relieved when I sent off the finished pattern in time for printing.

The pattern is only available in Norwegian as of now, but I will publish an English version as soon as possible. Unfortunately I didn´t get it done in time for Christmas this year.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Make your own CHRISTMAS CARDS /// Lag dine egne JULEKORT

Make your own CHRISTMAS CARDS /// Lag dine egne JULEKORT

 I made a template for some easy Christmas cards. All you have to do is print, cut and glue. Easy as that! /// Jeg har laget en mal for noen enkle julekort. Alt du trenger å gjøre er å printe, klippe og lime. Lett som bare det! 


What you´ll need:

  • Paper in various colors/patterns
  • Scalpel/Knife/Scissors
  • Glue

PRINT OUT THE TEMPLATE: For those who want it I´ve made a template that you can download and print out on your computer (you´ll find it at the bottom of the post). I recommend printing it on a heavy paper because it´s easier to handle.

After downloading and printing the template you just cut out the shapes, draw them on to different types of paper and have fun with the glue stick.


Dette trenger du:

  • Papir i ulike farger/mønster
  • Kniv/Saks
  • Lim

PRINT UT MAL: For dem som ønsker det har jeg laget en mal som kan lastes ned og printes ut (du finner den nederst i innlegget). Jeg anbefaler å printe ut på et litt tykt papir ettersom det er lettere å bruke som sjablong.

Når du har printet ut malen er det bare å skjære eller klippe ut formene, tegne dem av på ulike typer papir, og slå seg løs med limstiften. 

julekort_1_hegeespelandlygre julekort_4_hegeespelandlygre



You can also make variations with paint.

What you´ll need: 

  • Paper (I used watercolor paper)
  • Paint (I used watercolors and acrylics)
  • Brushes
  • Knife/Scalpel/Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black ink pen


Du kan også variere med maling.

Dette trenger du:

  • Papir (jeg har brukt akvarellpapir)
  • Maling (jeg har brukt akvarell- og akrylmaling)
  • Pensel
  • Kniv/Saks
  • Lim
  • Sort tusj

julekort_5_hegeespelandlygre julekort_6_hegeespelandlygre

– On the card to the left the shapes are painted, cut out and glued on to black cardboard
– On the card to the right I painted everything on the same paper. The shapes are painted in a copper acrylic, then I marked the shapes with a black ink pen. When painting the background color I left out a white border around the Christmas tree, and then I cut out the entire card and glued it on to white cardboard.


– På kortet til venstre er formene malt, klippet ut og limt på sort kartong.
– På kortet til høyre er alt laget på samme ark. Formene er malt i en kobberfarge, deretter markerte jeg alt med en sort tusj. Bakgrunnsfargen malte jeg slik at det ble en hvit kant rundt juletreet, og deretter klippet jeg ut hele kortet og limte det på hvit kartong.

Use your imagination! You can use paper, paint, glitter, fabric, lace, ribbons… have fun with it!

You can download the template here!


Det er bare fantasien som setter grenser! Du kan bruke papir, maling, glitter, stoff, bånd… slå deg løs!

Malen kan du laste ned her!